Much like a medieval bestiary is a collection of real and fantastical animals, Bardic Bestiary is a group of artists who bring these creatures to life within the costuming community, weaving in elements of fantasy, folklore, and adventure stories to make an entertaining and unique experience; an “unusual [and] whimsical collection” of costumes and creations.

The Team

Tes | Owner/Founder

Tes has a vested interest in creatures great and small as well as the artwork that portrays them. An avid animal lover, she has been drawing and building critters since 2011. She has a degree in animation from BYU and enjoys employing various skills and life experiences to her work.

Georgia | Shop Manager

A bit of a geek, Georgia dabbles in many fandoms and especially enjoys Japanese culture. She met Tes in the same animation program they both graduated in, and continued on to join the team helping others bring their visions of characters to life. Georgia oversees the parts production of our company, making sure our customers receive items with the utmost care and quality assurance.

Milo | Public Relations

Milo has a passion for storytelling of all sorts, be it theater, literature, or cinema! The resident fantasy/D&D geek on the team, he enjoys performing and creating both in his imagination as well as in real life through cosplay and costume work. Excellent at striking up conversations and starting friendships, Milo oversees our social presence and customer communications.

Art by Orlando Fox

Meet Spartle!

A fluffy, long, dragon-like creature accompanies the team as they set about their costume building adventures! This little guy serves as our mascot, and you’ll be sure to see him around plenty. Be sure to give him a good ear scratch the next time you meet this fuzzy noodle!

Find Us

Bardic Bestiary is located in Idaho. You can expect to find our booth at conventions and events in the western U.S. as well as various others across the country. Keep an eye on our social media and announcements on the home page for recent news on our vending schedule!

Upcoming Events: