What kind of character references do you need?

Many fursuit makers want a very clear front and back reference sheet of the character standing with arms and legs spread. We do NOT want this. There is nothing more boring and uninspiring than a reference sheet like that! If you have a fleshed out character already, then send artwork of them that shows off the kind of personality and look that you want them to have; send pieces that show a style of artwork that you believe jives with the character and who they are. Don’t worry about showing their colors and markings clearly, part of our commission process includes a concept sheet where we will clearly draw out what the fursuit will look like from multiple angles. If you don’t quite know what you want, we love working with character design, and are happy brainstorm and draw out ideas and concepts for your suit if we choose it. We will simply need a detailed explanation of your character, who they are and what you wish them to look like.

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